Hi!  My name is Lydia and I hope you enjoy my work.

Art has been a passion of mine for many years.  As a child I thought my crayon drawings were pretty amazing.  It wasn’t until I was about 16 that I was really inspired to become an artist.  My parents began to invest in contemporary art in the early 70’s and something just clicked.  I took as many art classes as was allowed in community college and then transferred to The School of Visual Arts in New York City.  It was a great experience for me and I focused on becoming a childrens book illustrator.   I graduated and did some freelance work but my concentration was elsewhere.   I fell in love, married and raised two amazing children instead.  There were some little projects for my children and friends throughout those years but for the most part it was forgotten until…..

         ………25 Years later

      My niece asked me to do a painting of the beach on an old window and it all came rushing back with ten times more passion than ever before.  The joy it gave me was so great that I began to do paintings for everyone in my family.  I have the best family and the greatest friends.  To give them a personal painting of their home with a beloved pet on the front lawn was something that made them happy and me happier.  Some of the house portraits have a grandchild in them like ” Christmas at the Mayers.”  I’ve been painting and drawing ever since with renewed passion.  Now I know what it is about art that inspires me so much and what I’m trying to do within a painting.  To capture something you see is to validate its beauty.  I want to capture that moment whether it’s from life or a dream.  I love the play of light, sunlight, moonlight or reflected light.  I especially love the light during the later hours of the day around sunset.  The “magic hour.”
      Music is an integral part of the creative process for me.  Music and the arts were a large part of my upbringing.  Some of my earliest memories are of my dad singing opera while playing the piano and my mom taking me to the ballet and theater.   Sunday dinners at my aunt and uncles house consisted of music playing,  people singing,  a six course gourmet dinner and, almost always,  a passionate discussion,  usually about music or voice.   I’m pretty sure that’s how my own passions began.  My playlist is very diverse and sometimes specific to my mood.  I enjoy all different genres but there are times that I work outside on the porch and enjoy the sounds of nature. 
I am a Pollyanna of sorts and some of my work is reflective of who I am such as the home series of paintings.  People have called these paintings “whimsical” and I have been known to view the world through rose colored glasses.  Perhaps that’s because I have a strong sense of faith, lots of joy and a deep gratitude for the gifts in my life.  My family and friends mean the world to me and to work in my home is a blessing.  So yes in many works there is a sense of whimsy.  I choose to see the best in everything and so I paint every house, tree and flower at it’s most beautiful, or dreamlike.   I’m all about the magic!
       I work with acrylic when I’m painting for several reasons.  The first reason is because I work in my dinette area off the kitchen and acrylics are odorless.  The second reason is that there is no waiting time with acrylic since it dries immediately.  I found these things a must when I first began because I needed to work on a piece straight through while everyone was in school or at work.  Then it became a goal of mine to master Acrylic and make it look like oil.  Acrylic became so comfortable to me that when I’m painting a house it’s as if I’m building it as well.  Everything is layered just as the framing of a house comes before the sheet rock and then the siding and so forth.  My husband is in the building business and we built many homes including the one we live in.  The layering of paint and several layers of varnish create a finished piece that appears to be an oil painting.  The paintings of snow have many different and subtle shades of blues and lavenders, grays and yellows.  The paint is very creamy and rich from adding retardants and mediums to slow down the drying time, and allow better blending.  For softer paintings like “The Bay”,  more diffused colors and thinner layers were used.
         My pen and ink work is another way to create home portraits in a totally different way visually.  I have a friend that is in real estate and would like to give them as gifts to clients when she sells them a home.  The original can be photographed and put on a cd for printing personal note cards.  But my favorite is taking a print, painting over the picture and transforming it into a Christmas card. 
          My art is always evolving because I’m always learning more.   I am thrilled beyond belief these last ten years to be creating again!