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Summer 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here but that’s because of all the paintings I’ve been doing.  I’m thrilled to report that another wonderful art gallery has been showing my work since last June.  The Tumblety Howell Art Gallery in Ocean Grove, New Jersey had been been displaying my work for the past… read more

Art Show

I would like to invite you all to view two of my paintings at the 20th Annual Juried Art Show in Shrewsbury, N.J.  The show begins tomorrow through the 31st of October, 2012 and I am showcasing my new impasto work.  There are many wonderful artists work to see so come and enjoy!

Dreamlike Paintings

My new piece will be ready next week.  There have been many steps during the impasto painting which is on the entire bottom half of the canvas.  The middle of the canvas has more subtle texture compared to the bottom which is very thick and almost three dimensional.  The impasto process takes a lot of… read more

Dreaming about Impasto!!!!

Currently working on three different pieces and three different styles. One is a house portrait on commission, two is a beach landscape I’m finishing up and three is a large rural scene from Robert Breese’s photos that is a mix of a softly painted landscape and a very heavy impasto.  It takes days to dry… read more

Dreams and Inspiration

 I am always asked where I get my ideas from for painting and the answer is usually, everywhere around me.   I have a new answer today.   I have a friend who began his career as a photographer later on in life.  His work is wonderful and I’ve been ordering prints from his website because… read more

Mastering Dreamlike Acrylic Paintings

Mastering dreamlike acrylic painting was essential for me and something I continually work at.   I paint in my home and the mediums that go hand and hand with oil were just too overpowering to be smelling in my kitchen,  That’s not to say that I don’t love the way a studio smells of turpentine… read more

Through the Dunegrass

Getting a really good photograph uploaded to your website is essential!!  This is the second photo of this painting I have used.  The other was way too orange and this is more like the original painting.  I’m currently working on another beach painting of Lavalette, N.J.  Ortley Avenue to be exact- my beach!!

The Forever Home, my new painting.

This is my new painting titled “Home” because it is my home.  We built this house in ’93 with the intention of never moving again.  My first priority was the front porch.  There’s nothing that says “home and hearth” more to me than a front porch.    Back in the day everyone knew their neighbors… read more

Artists and the Arts

Crazy and Curious!   Are all artists crazy about the arts?  I’m curious since I kind of am.  I love music as I’ve said before, crazy about movies, and love dance too!   Reading, well,  my family calls teases constantly because I read a lot and quickly too.  Maybe it’s the strength of the left… read more

Taking “Time” Out of the Equation

    The painting I’m working on I actually began last year but didn’t get very far.  Other projects came ahead of it.  There’s a tiny lull so I’ve been taking advantage of it over the last couple of weeks.  Let’s face it; some paintings take more time than others.  This one is very close to… read more